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Adfinity is a Production company which serves uniquely to their clients.  Whether it is creative needs, style, budget or location Adfinity make sure to please the clients with pleasant surprises for their creative projects.  Apart from the acting schedule Asha Edirisingha serves Adfinity Productions actively by handling Music Videos, Tele-dramas, TV Commercials and various other media productions through Adfinity Production House where she also functions as one of the Directors. As an artist with over 25 years of experience in the field of entertainment she identifies what’s best for their clients.  Adfinity currently have a well experienced crew to serve their clients with the best including professionals like prominent creative director Sandaruwan Jayawickrama.

Adfinity TV Commercials, Docmentries, Events, Promotional Clips & Multi Camera Productions...

Adfinity TVC 2020
Adfinity Comfort TVC 01
Adfinity Comfort TVC 02
Adfinity Comfort TVC 03

Power Tech Cement TVC
(Nominated for Slim Nielsen Peoples Awards for Most Popular Advertisement of the year 2016 - It was a great pleasure to work with Sri Lankan legendary  artist Late Mr. Vijaya Nandasiri )

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