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Journey ofDiscography

As a multi-talented artist Asha Edirisinga has touched many music lovers with her soothing voice.  Her love for singing makes her more popular among the music lovers too.  She has lent her talent to many popular projects and her songs are popular among the audience and Asha is looking forward to add more beautiful tracks in to her discography by pleasing her music lovers.   

“Kichi Bichiyata – Ru Waruna”

Asha Edirisinghe released her first song with Centigradz.  “Kichi Bichiyata – Ru Waruna” song sung by artist Ishan Lantra, Isuru Jayarathna (son of veteran singer T. M. Jayarathna) and Asha EdirisingheCentigradz.  Melody & Music are done by Thusith Niroshana.  Song released in 2008 as a New Year Song to celebrate the Sinhalese – Tamil New Year.   Music Video direction done by prominent Director Sandaruwan Jayawickrama who won the State Award for Best Music Video Director of the Year 2009.  From International Awards to Cinema Scope, CENTIGRADZ have excelled in the professional music industry in Sri Lanka and their journey certainly inspires young music lovers to take on the Sri Lankan new age mainstream. Their efforts of purifying the Sri Lankan music industry were highly commended by many veteran artists in Sri Lankan Music Industry.  They have released the song again in year 2022.

“Man Thawa Dura Thaniyama Yannam" - "Warna" Theme Song

Asha contributed her voice to their home production Warna tele drama in 2015 by singing its theme song of “Man Thawa Dura Thaniyama Yannam” with singer Poorna Sachintha.  The song is still a hit in Sri Lanka which touched the hearts of many music lovers. Music & Melody by Thilina Ruhunage.  Lyrics by Rachitha Wakista.

“Kuludul Adare"

In the year 2016, Asha released the song Titled “Kuludul Adare” with Artist Sisinda Sandeep.  Music by Lakshan Rangika and Thusara Wijewardane and Lyrics by Asirini Wickramarathne.

“Oba Soyanne Ma Num" - "Red Light" Theme Song

Asha contributed her voice for another theme song for the drama “Red Light” released in OTT platform CeyFLiX in the year 2020.  Asha did the song titled as “Oba Soyanne Ma Nam” with the artists Rooney.  Song Composed by famous composer Dinesh Subasinghe and Lyrics by Chanaka Jayasekara.  Song was much popular among the audience in that year.

“Adare Mage Una"

In the year 2023, Asha released a single music track titled “Adare Mage Una”.  Music Produced by Lassana Jayasekara and Lyrics by Manik Jayasinghe.  Visual Director - Sandaruwan Jayawickrama, DOP - Ranga SB Editor – K. Tharuka Gunathunga, VFX & GFX - Eranda Rupasinghe, Colorist - Yashoda Danupama @ColorationSL

Songs Collection

Music Video Collection

As a model Asha performed in many music videos which made them so popular among the audience.  Many were chart-buster songs and some even nominated for the “Best Music Video Awards” in award ceremonies. Her Song where she acted in the music video as well titled “Kichi Bichiyata – Ru waruna” directed by Sandaruwan Jayawickrama won the best Music Video award in year 2005.