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Journey of Asha

Asha Edirisingha is one of the leading actresses in television industry in Sri Lanka.  She is popular among the audience for her outstanding performances as an actress, a singer and a TV presenter.  Apart from advancing her career as an actress, she is also a producer who runs the production house named Adfinity Productions Pvt. Ltd. Asha is popular among the worldwide Sri Lankan audience as a well-disciplined talented artist who’s excelling her work by pleasing her audience.   

Career as an Actress

Journey 1995 - 2014

Asha Edirisingha made her acting debut as a child artist in the year 1995 teledrama Girikula Andaraya alongside veteran actresses Yashoda Wimaladarma and Deepani Silva The drama was directed by the veteran director K. A. Darmasena and produced by veteran actor Sathischandra Edirisinghe.  As a youngster, Asha was so lucky to begin her career journey under the guidance of these experts.  Veteran actor Sathischandra Edirisinghe is the one who introduced Asha into the entertainment industry as a child artist and she is always mentioning him and so grateful for the given opportunity.  Girikula Andaraya telecasted on Jathika Rupavahini (National Television Channel, Sri Lanka)

After becoming her first teledrama one of the most popular teledrama in Sri Lanka, she has focused more on studies.  Then after her Advance Level studies she started again working on two teledramas titled Sasadara (Directed by Premakumara Jayawardane, Produced by Janaka Siriwardhane, Telecasted on Swarnawahini TV Channel, Sri Lanka) and  Viya Sidura (Based one Wara Mal Shanthi Dissanayakae, Directed by Anuruddha Jayasinghe, Produced & Telecast by Swarnawahini TV Channel) as a young artist which released in the year 2004.  She also contibuted her face and her name as a guest appearance to one of the award-winning movies named Bora Diya Pokuna directed by Sathyajith Maitipe.  In 2005, Asha appeared in the teledramas Sooriya Sihinaya (Based on Sense & Sensiblity – Jane Austen, Directed by Sarath Gunarathnae, Padmasiri P. Walgama, Telecasted on Swarnavahini TV Channel) and Yasho Mandira (Directed by Nimal Rathnayake, Produced by G. Nandasena, Telecasted on Swarnavahini TV Channel).    

In 2009 the teledrama named Nil Nethu alongside veteran actors like Lucky Dias, Duleeka Marapana, Wilson Gunarathna.  Talented actors like Kavinga Perera, Chamalsha Devmini were also acted as the lead roles.  Her character Nilnethu made her more popular among the Sri Lankan audience as a young attractive actress.  Nil Nethu is a story of popular author Mahesh Rathsara Maddumaarachchi, Directed by Eranga Senarathna and produced by Ransilu Productions, telecasted on Swarnavahini TV Channel.   

The year 2010 was a huge successful year for Asha with her debutant as a Producer with the teledrama Sulanga.  Asha gained wider public recognition for her role played in Sulanga, a romantic drama directed by veteran Director Sandaruwan Jayawickrama.  She stunned the audience with her character Sandali alongside many veteran actors like Lucky Dias, Moureen Charuni, Cletus Mendis, Janak Premalal, Meena Kumari and many more.  She was nominated for “Best Upcoming Actress” in the year 2010 at Sumathi Awards and “Best Actress” in the year 2011 at State Television Awards for the Sulanga.  Sulanga telecasted on ITN TV Channel, Sri Lanka.   

In the year 2011 she did Ran Samanalayo which was another mega hit of Director Sandaruwan Jayawickrama after Sulanga. Ran Samanalayo has been rated by many surveys as the most popular teledrama at 8:00pm. Asha was nominated for the Most Popular Actress of the year 2011 for her role played in Ran Samanalayo as Samanalee at Raigam Tele'es Awards.  Ran Samanalayo directed by Sandaruwan Jayawickrama, produced by Jayantha Karunanayake, telecasted on ITN TV Channel.

In 2012, Asha contributed her acting skills to Alu Banduna teledrama which was also her second experience as a Producer.  Alu Banduna was a romantic thriller drama which brought a different television experience to its audience with a different story line.  Asha was hugely recognized for her character played as Suddhi / Sugandhika and respected by Sri Lankan audience for her role played alongside many award-winning veteran actors like Sarath Kothalawala, Jayani Senanayake, Jagath Chamila, Saranga Disasekara, Moureen Charuni and many more.  Asha won the Most Popular Actress award at Raigam Tele'es Awards in the year 2012 for Alu Banduna.  Asha’s performance in Ran Samanalayo and Alu Banduna also earned her Youth Actress of the year 2012 at SLIM - NIELSEN People's Awards nomination.  Rana directed by Diluka Gunathilaka, produced by Jayantha Karunanayake, telecasted on ITN TV Channel.   Alu Banduna cast & crew would always love to mention the special support & guidance given by veteran Director Sandaruwan Jayawickrama for his immense support given throughout the whole project.   

This popularity and memorable performances with her character kept her as the shining star among the audience and made her won the Most Popular Actress award at Raigam Tele'es Awards in 2013 for the second time as well.  Rana released in early 2014, which currently holds a record of winning 3 most popular awards at Raigam Tele'es Awards.  Rana was awarded with three most popular awards like Popular drama, popular actress and popular actor was another hit by the Director Sandaruwan Jayawickrama.  Asha’s character Shwetha played alongside with the veteran actress Malani Fonseka and award-winning actor Jagath Chamila (won the award for the Best Actor at New York International Film festival for his portrayal of Sami in Samige Kathava) and many others was one of the remarkable roles in her acting career.  Her outstanding performance was recognized by the State Television Awards Sri Lanka in the year 2015 by offering her the Jury Merit Award for her performance in the Rana Teledrama.  Rana Produced by Jayantha Karunanayake and telecasted on ITN TV Channel

Journey 2015 - 2019

In the year, 2015 teledrama Warna was Asha’s third experience as a Producer.  Her role in Warna as Warsha stunned audience again by adding more experience to her acting career.  Asha got the opportunity of working with Korean Taekwondo Master Ki Su Lee and had successfully overcome the challenging role played in Warna and it also became another all-time hit of her television career.  Warna directed by Sandaruwan Jayawickrama, Ravinath Lasantha and Waruna Jayanath.  Telecasted on ITN TV Channel.

Then in 2016, Asha challenged herself by playing a different character as Priyanwada in Hansa Pihatu directed by veteran director Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan.  Asha mentioned him as one of the most respected directors in her career by giving him the credit of teaching her many life-long-acting lessons by adding more values to her acting career.  Hansa Pihatu produced by Chamara Samarawickrama, telecasted on Swarnavahini TV Channel, Sri Lanka.

In 2017 character played as Sudu Manike in Kalu Kurulla (Directed by Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan, Produced by Chamara Samarawickrama, Telecasted on ITN TV Channel) and in the movie Paha (5) Samath, character played as the Teacher (Directed by Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan) kept her shining as an actress among the Sri Lankan Audience.  

In the year 2018, her role Sigiri played in Raaja Yogaya with Sampath Jayaweera (Directed by Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan, Produced by Chamara Samarawickrama, Telecasted on ITN TV Channel) and character Yasara played in Duwili Ahasa (Directed by Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan, Produced by Chamara Samarawickrama, Telecasted on Jathika Rupavahini – National Television Channel, Sri Lanka) was super popular among the audience.  In the same year Asha step in to the world of directors by becoming the assistance director for teledrama Nirasha where she also played the character Sukhitha which was filmed in Australia and Singapore by veteran Director Sandaruwan Jayawickrama.  Nirasha produced by OSMO Creations, Australia where Asha’s Adfinity Productions contributed as the local Producers. Telecasted on ITN TV Channel.     

Lansupathiniyo released in the year 2019 was another popular drama of Asha, where she played a memorable role named Asangi with her other leading ladies Thisuri Yuwanika, Dinakshie Priyasad, Vidushi Uththara opposites Saranga Disasekara.  Directed by Thusitha Anuradha & produced by Saranga Disasekara and telecasted on ITN TV Channel.


Journey 2020 - 2024 

In the year 2020, Asha appeared in two different themed teledramas name Amaliya where she played the role of Amaliya (Directed by Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan, Produced by Amisha Kavindi, Telecasted on Swarnavahini TV Channel) and character Devi played in Ranagala Walawwa (Directed by Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan & Chandana Dharmapriya, Produced by Qsart Consolidated Pvt.,Ltd. and telecasted on Jathika Rupavahini – National Television Channel, Sri Lanka).

Asha appeared in Rahai Jeewithe teledrama in the year 2021 by playing the character Rasika.  Asha got the opportunity of sharing the screen with veteran actress Deepani Silva who was her first reel mother in Girikula Andaraya’s Nimalawathi.  Veteran actors like Lal Kularathna, Dharmapriya Dias, Susila Kottage, Susantha Chandramli, Upeksha Swarnamali, Dusheni Miurangi, Isuru Lokuhettiarachchi and many more talented actors appeared in the drama.  Rahai Jeewithe directed by Supun Rathanyaka, produced by Tharanga Dissanayake and Telecasted on Sirasa TV channel.

Then the audience was pleased to see her appearance in the teledrama Googly as Gayani in the year 2022 (Directed by popular actor turn director Menaka Rajapaksha, Produced by Janaka Sampath & Rusiru Pradeep and telecasted on Swarnavahini TV Channel).

She starred in the Key teledrama in year 2023 as the character Chal which she acted alongside talented actors like Sujani Menaka, Isuru Lokuhettiarachchi, Sampath Jayaweera, Nirosha Thalaga, Sangeeth Satharasinghe is another teledrama by veteran director Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan.  Produced by Waruna Kodikara & Chathu Maheshi for CM Production and telecasted on Swarnavahini TV Channel

Her role in Rosa teledrama as Maya released in the same year was also touched by many audiences where she acted with young talented actress Nethmi Roshel, Randika Gunathilaka and many other.  Rosa directed by Sharmila Dharmarasa Fonseka, Produced and Telecasted on TV Derana

In the same year 2023 she also appeared in Athulweema Thahanam teledrama by playing a pregnant woman named Malathi alongside talented actors like Sampath Jayaweera, Nayomi Thakshila, Kavinga Perera, Sulochana Weerasingha, Sangeeth Prabhu and many other.  This is also directed by veteran director Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan, Produced by Luthmin Bandara and telecasting on Siyatha TV.   Asha joined another teledrama directed by Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan & SaddaMangala Sooriyabandara titled as Circuskarayo released in 2023.  Asha is playing the character of Manjari alongside talented actor Suraj Mapa with many young talented artists in the lead.  Circuskarayo produced by SaddaMangala Sooriyabandara & Janaka Idippilige and telecast on Sirasa TV channel.

Asha is popular in the year 2024 with her role Kavi played in Mandaram Kathawe teledrama directed by actor turned director Dhanushka Rathnayaka.  Mandaram Kathawe teledrama produced by Ayesha Abegunarathne for Prime-Time Creations and telecasting on ITN TV Channel.  Talented actors like Pubodha Sandeepani, Gayan Wickramathilaka playing the lead roles alongside Asha with young artists like Ashan Dananjaya, Suhandi Wosadi and Madara Sewwandi.

Asha is currently working on her upcoming productions Baminithiyasaya, Pillawa, Nihada Gira and a movie Sihinabhisheka alongside popular movie star Hemal Ranasinghe.


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