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"I became an actress because of my mother, but walking in this path and build my personality as a skilled actress was my decision. I believe I am capable of what I am doing right now!"

Asha Edirisingha

Girikula Andaraya - Debut Teledrama (1995)
"My first Teledrama - 'Girikula Andaraya' with talented actress Yashoda Wimaladharma was such an Amazing Experience in my life.  Begin my career as a child artist with one of the most experienced veteran directors and a producer was the luckiest opportunity a debutante can have in their life and I was one of that luckiest people! My gratitude always goes to Mr. Sathischandra Edirisinge for introducing me into this field!"
~ Asha Edirisingha ~ 
Sooriya Sihinaya (2005)
Nil Nethu (2009)

Asha acted in 2009 the teledrama named Nil Nethu alongside veteran actors like Lucky DiasDuleeka MarapanaWilson GunarathnaTalented actors like Kavinga PereraChamalsha Devmini were also acted as the lead roles.  Her character Nilnethu made her more popular among the Sri Lankan audience as a young attractive actress.  Nil Nethu is a story of popular author Mahesh Rathsara Maddumaarachchi, Directed by Eranga Senarathna and produced by Ransilu Productions, telecasted on Swarnavahini TV Channel.