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Adfinity is a Production company which serves uniquely to their clients.  Whether it is creative needs, style, budget or location Adfinity make sure to please the clients with pleasant surprises for their creative projects.  Apart from the acting schedule Asha Edirisingha serves Adfinity Productions actively by handling Music Videos, Tele-dramas, TV Commercials and various other media productions through Adfinity Production House where she also functions as one of the Directors. As an artist with over 25 years of experience in the field of entertainment she identifies what’s best for their clients.  Adfinity currently have a well experienced crew to serve their clients with the best including professionals like prominent creative director Sandaruwan Jayawickrama.

Journey as a Producer


State Awards 2011

Merit Award for Denuwan Senadhi

Merit Award for Dr. Prasanna Gunasena

Nomination for Best Actress - Asha Edirisingha

Sumathi Tele Awards 2011

Nomination for best Upcoming Actress - Asha Edirisingha

08 Sulanga.jpg

Sci-Fi Mystry Drama

Asha’s third experience as a Producer.  

Asha got the opportunity of working with Korean Taekwondo Master Ki Su Lee and had successfully overcome the challenging role played in Warna and it also became another all-time hit of her television career.



Raigam Tele'es Awards 2012

Most Popular Actress of the year - Asha Edirisingha

10 AluBanduna.jpg

Production  Supervision (with Kiss & Red Light Teams)

Journey As an Asst. Director (with Nirasha Team At Australia & Singapore)

Journey As a Production Coordinator 

With Unilever - Signal Sina Boo Wewa Team at Dubai & Bali Indonesia

With Cafe Anthony Team at Adelaide, Australia