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"It doesn’t matter how good you are or how capable you are what you do as long as you are NOT a good human being with a kind, compassionate heart.  Currently the world is lacking of such human beings, therefore I believe we should generate more goodness within!"

Asha Edirisingha

Warna (2015)

In the year, 2015 teledrama Warna was Asha’s third experience as a Producer.  Her role in Warna as Warsha stunned audience again by adding more experience to her acting career.  Asha got the opportunity of working with Korean Taekwondo Master Ki Su Lee and had successfully overcome the challenging role played in Warna and it also became another all-time hit of her television career.  Warna directed by Sandaruwan Jayawickrama, Ravinath Lasantha and Waruna Jayanath.  Telecasted on ITN TV Channel.  Prominent actors like Jagath Chamila,  Sarath Kothalawala, Ananda Wickramage,

Chandika NanayakkaraAvanthi AponsuNilukshi FernandoMadhava Wijesinghe, Dr.Prasanna GunasenaLal Sarath Kumara and many more artist were participated in the project.

Warna Teledrama

Warna Teledrama

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Hansa Pihatu (2016)

In 2016, Asha challenged herself by playing a different character as Priyanwada in Hansa Pihatu directed by veteran director Jayaprakash Shivagurunadan.  Asha mentioned him as one of the most respected directors in her career by giving him the credit of teaching her many life-long-acting lessons by adding more values to her acting career.  She always mentioned him as  the director whom she likes to do more projects as he is always offering her different roles.  This is the first project they have done together.   Hansa Pihatu produced by Chamara Samarawickrama, telecasted on Swarnavahini TV Channel, Sri Lanka. Prominent actors like Sriyantha MendisMalkanthi JayasingheSaranga Disasekara, Uddika Premarathna,